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The majority of our oil and gas marketed in Europe is sold under long-term contracts to large and reliable European gas utility companies and suppliers. Oil Prom S.R.O also trades gas in the spot market, and the company is also very active in the emerging liquid trade markets for gas in Central & Eastern Europe.

Oil Prom S.R.O expects the world’s total demand for natural gas to grow by about 30 per cent globally in the coming two decades and Oil Prom S.R.O also has increasing marketing activities in connection with the company’s positions in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Romania, Georgia and Asian countries.

Oil Prom S.R.O develops, integrates and implements procurement strategies to achieve the best possible agreements for the group. This is achieved through a category-based approach to goods and services, based on a coordinated control of demand, the global market situation and robust analyses in order to minimize risk in the execution phase.

The buyer’s must be prequalified in order to compete for tenders. Oil Prom S.R.O’s procurement process is based on competitive tendering and on the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment of tenderers.

The commodity market today faces a heady mix of challenging opportunities and serious long-term risks. Some of the factors that are shaping the future of the metals business include the transition to a global metals sector, uncertainty over the demand/supply balance looking ahead over the next 5-10 years, the consequent continuing volatility of metal prices, the heightened focus on substitution amongst materials decision-makers in OEMs, the impact of the REACH program within and beyond the EU and the increasing strictness of the global regulatory environment. By thoroughly analyzing different aspects of the market, we help our clients understand the implications for their specific business of this complex environment in which they operate.

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